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“Black Alternation motors are road-felony chase vehicles.” Mercedes-AMG GT activity baton Johannes Hettinger laid it at the bandage as he alien us to the alive monster snuggling abutting to the alley at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz, arctic of Dresden, Germany. But afterwards a morning hot-lapping the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Alternation approximately the two.1-mile abbreviate boost ambit on the complicated, breadth backward aftermost yr I had apprenticed both the Mercedes-AMG GT3 and GT4 racers, it became vibrant Herr Hettinger hadn’t been abounding enterprise hyperbole. The GT Black Alternation is definitely the abutting affair to a antagonism Mercedes you may as it should be force on the road.

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All antecedent Black Alternation cars be given been two-door models, so the bunched and in a position GT coupe, which fabricated its admission in 2015 as the 3-pointed big name’s Porsche 911 fighter, became the analytic quality to grow to be by myself the sixth AMG-massaged Mercedes to be accustomed the Black Alternation treatment. “It is the acme of our AMG GT family,” Hettinger says. And with 720 hp below the hood, it has the fine in a position AMG V-8 agent anytime built. Hettinger claims a 0 to 60 mph dispatch time of three.1 seconds, with 124 mph advancing up in underneath than 9.0 ordinary and a top acceleration of 202 mph.

But the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Alternation isn’t always aloof an AMG GT R with a few brought cross-quicker aliment anchored on. There’s hardly ever a allotment of the automobile that hasn’t been affected and amused and tweaked to impede weight, access downforce, addition performance, and develop coping with.

For instance, now not alone are the bumpers, hood, advanced fenders, roof, and rear endure all manufactured from carbon cilia to hamper weight, however the anatomy anatomy itself additionally has carbon-fiber genitalia to get admission to backbone and pressure. It has failing glass. The dual-pipe bankrupt is fabricated of skinny-wall chrome steel. The superior and rear camber and advanced and rear antithesis constrained are manually adjustable. The chiral get up is a sci-fi cat’s cradle of steel bandage credibility without a doubt angry calm with a wonderful 328-foot-lengthy alloyed carbon-fiber cilia that wraps approximately them diverse times. It saves three.4 oz over the unmarried-piece casting acclimated in accredited AMG GTs.

The affection of the GT Black Alternation is the best acute avenue-going model but of the able AMG-engineered 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-eight. Upgrades for the Black Alternation accommodate new camshafts and bankrupt manifolds, and, first-class huge, a new flat-plane crankshaft that permits the dry-sump agent to rev harder. The official potential and torque numbers acquaint the tale: Whereas in the GT R the agent makes 577 hp at 6,250 rpm and 516 lb-toes or torque from 1,900 rpm to five,500 rpm, the Black Alternation model, code-named M178 LS2, makes its 720 hp at 6,700 rpm to 6,900 rpm and 590 lb-toes of torque from 2,000 rpm to 6,000 rpm. Drive is fed to the rear auto via a model of the AMG Speedshift seven-speed twin-grasp chiral this is been good enough to handle the college torque masses.

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Other automated improvements accommodate the above manually adjustable camber and antithesis bars, introduced carbon-ceramic brakes with a altered rotor admixture and distinctively developed anchor pads, introduced revised bounce and adjustable shock ante for the coil-over suspension. The beyond superior grille—previewed aftermost 12 months at the GT3 chase automobile—lets in more airflow through a radiator it truly is been agee advanced 30 tiers to get admission to its cooling core. Failing artificial admixture wheels, 19-inch bore up superior and 20-inch bore at the rear, are shod with 285/35ZR19 and 335/30ZR20 Michelin Pilot Action Cup 2 R tires.

More electricity, brought torque, under weight, bigger brakes, and tighter abeyance are aloof allotment of the tale, activity baton Hettinger insists. “The car’s success is as abundant approximately the aerodynamics as the mechanicals,” he says. Indeed, a walkaround with AMG aerodynamics in a position Gustavo Estrada, who shaped at the aero bales for the Mercedes-AMG GT3 and GT4, well-knownshows the GT Black Alternation to be as intricately aero-engineered because the chase motors.

Virtually each exoteric console on the GT Black Alternation is altered from the ones on added avenue-going AMG GTs, and not artlessly because Gorden Wagener’s structure aggregation capital the car to attending ganz sportlich. The bumpers, fenders, and awning be given all been tailored to larger administer the airflow over, round, and under the GT Black Series, and to accomplish the on hand aero aids—the advanced splitter, ancillary skirts, that behemothic rear wing—and the under accessible ones—the amphitheater mills below the car—paintings better.

The complication of the association has been dictated by way of the the front-engine blueprint of the GT Black Series. Unlike mid-engine automobiles, breadth hot air from the agent and cooling structures can be vented anon out the aback of the auto—one acumen the rear clear of so abounding of contemporary mid-engine supercars accommodates little introduced than a bandage of cobweb with back lights at either quit—in a the front-engine automobile it has to be considerable introduced anxiously controlled to optimize aerodynamic efficiency.

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Estrada says the bigger grille and the ancillary vents within the advanced bonanza of the Black Alternation not alone get 20 percentage introduced air into the capital cooling radiator but moreover access cooling airflow inside the accessory coolers by forty percent and into the advanced wheelwells by means of 30 percent. Vents at the top of the fenders and abaft the superior auto drain off antithesis hot air, as do the 2 large vents within the hood. The designers capital a distinct aperture within the awning so the Black Alternation would attending just like the GT3 chase vehicle, but the anxiously formed accompanying vents simply absolute warm air approximately the A-pillars and forth the abandon of the greenhouse, befitting it abroad from the alive surfaces of the rear wing.

The carbon advanced splitter is a assignment of artwork, and it’s archetypal of the absorption to element Mercedes has lavished on its antagonism automobiles for delivered than a century. Whereas configuring the splitter of the Dodge Viper ACR for an afternoon on the clue involves a jack and wrenches, accepting the GT Black Alternation reachable for a few warm laps entails artlessly full-size underneath the advanced of the automobile with both hands, analysis a brace of what arise to be authorized awning absolution levers, unlatching them, and affairs the splitter towards you. Screw in a brace of remains, and you’re desirable to head.

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The splitter is additionally introduced adult than it seems: As speeds construct, the air burden cogwheel sucks the anatomy abaft the arch bend decrease to the tarmac, finer creating a superior diffuser that generates brought downforce. The air hasty under the auto is irritated with the aid of a alternation of amphitheater generators, one brace aloof critical the advanced wheels, addition brace that starts on either ancillary of the advanced stop of the torque tube, a third brace on either ancillary of the rear transaxle, and the very last brace at the alien thirds of the rear diffuser. The brace crabbed the torque tube accommodates a alternation of adjustable flaps that adhere a brace of inches beneath the attic and are lightly arresting in low bend pictures.

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Key to the executed aero amalgamation is the large multielement addition that constructing over the rear of the GT Black Series. The high and lower addition elements can anniversary be aside set to a few angles of attack, the advanced excessive addition breeding alert the downforce of the decrease aback set to the aforementioned attitude. An alive element within the centermost of the high addition flips an introduced 15 stages into the airstream to do the task of a Gurney flap, aero in a position Estrada says, after incurring annoyance aback it is now not wished. And the bodywork anon beneath the decrease addition additionally has an aerodynamic contour to advice administer laminar flows off the backlight.

In simple phrases, the GT Black Alternation presents you with an aerodynamically able advanced cease as a baseline, abrogation you to adjudge how considerable you appetite to approximately-face the aero antithesis towards the rear. The rear addition is so in a position and carefully calibrated Estrada says the AMG analysis drivers, abounding of whom are or take delivery of been seasoned racers, all acclimatized on altered settings all through development checking out. The numbers? Estrada claims the GT Black Alternation develops up to one,764 pounds of downforce at pinnacle acceleration and is 200 percent introduced aerodynamically capable than the GT R in alley trim, and it is 240 percent delivered able aback set up for the music. And do not anticipate you charge to be block lap annal for this to be significant: Aerodynamic downforce is a contributor to agent anchor from aloof eighty to 90 mph, Estrada says.

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The GT Black Alternation autogenous is as expensively adventurous as a $1,000 brace of Hermès shoes. There’s Nappa masking on the bolsters of the customary AMG action seats and microfiber actual everywhere else, all belted with orange or argent pinnacle bond and trade through aluminum or carbon-fiber trim parts. At the centermost of the dash, anon beneath the 4 air vents, is the bird adjustable absorption ascendancy button from the GT3 and GT4 chase motors, moreover acclimated inside the GT R. Our vehicles had been tailored with the alternative six-point warranty harnesses and bisected rollcage.

Thumb the alpha button. The dual-rapid V-8 booms into activity and settles bottomward to a quick idle. Select chiral approximately-face mode. Select Chase mode. Tug the obese shifter into drive and increase bottomward pit lane.

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It does not booty continued to simply accept the GT Black Alternation is a huge footfall up from the GT R in agreement of acceleration and anchor and braking. The flat-aircraft-crank V-eight stampedes to 7,000 rpm, a alarming brownish bend to the bank of whole bushing the cockpit. Flick the paddles, and the rear-installed seven-velocity dual-grab chiral snaps through the ratios with accidental performance, blipping the burke on the downshifts because the Mercedes auto squirms infrequently beneath brakes. There’s delivered anchor from the advanced stop on the manner into the bend than within the GT R and brought absorption on the manner out.

What’s arresting about the GT Black Alternation is that even though it has about 25 percent introduced utility than the GT R, it feels introduced ethereal below strain. If you’re not on the brakes, it logo a little throttle, alike the merest clasp allowance abiding the auto especially. AMG agent Bernd Schneider, a person whose antagonism profession covered a undertaking in Formula 1, says it is partly because it corporation the adherence and absorption ascendancy structures are able to mission with you.

The 2.1-mile abbreviate ambit at Lausitz is bumpier than ever—it’s in the affection of what acclimated to be an open-reduce atramentous mining area, and subsidence is endemic—but the Black Alternation rides the bumps nicely. There’s not the bullet-train adherence of the GT3 racer thru the short left-hander on the cease of the pit directly; alike with that ambush splitter, adorned underfloor, and large wing, the GT Black Alternation doesn’t take delivery of the large downforce of the chase car at lower speeds. Nor is there the automated anchor inside the slower get entry to to the long, aflutter appropriate hander at the aback of the paddock, admitting aloof approximately the excellent fulfillment alley tires inside the business, Cup 2 Rs, are nevertheless no bout for a as it should be broiled set of Michelin chase slicks.

But, like the GT3, the GT Black Alternation feels constant and evokes confidence. To a factor. Later, as I alpha to angular on the automobile, I apprehension some balmy understeer. Schneider says that for media drives the car has been set up on the top-rated ride acme for the Nürburgring, and with some understeer. It’s a assurance rapid setup, alive and relaxed. If he had been hobby for a lap time at the Lausitz music, Schneider says, he’d positioned added camber at the superior auto and bead the superior trip acme to perform flip-in acknowledgment abundant brought aggressive. Turn the race-spec absorption ascendancy all of the manner off? Ahhh, he warns, you’ll rate a actual quick brace of evenly to bolt the rear stop if it lets cross.

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A chase vehicle for the street? The 720-hp V-eight echoes the vintage-college big-banger whole and acerbity of the Mercedes-AMG GT3’s 6.2-liter artlessly aspirated engine. That rear addition is one of the better tailored to a alley automobile, however like the GT3’s it is not there for show. The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Alternation is loud and speedy and responsive, feels boxy and bulletproof, and has been carefully engineered to acquiesce drivers of altered accomplishment ranges to acquisition a hard and fast up that works for them at the tune. Yep, it’s a chase car for the street.

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