Cadillac Ct4 2020 Style.

Now in its third version year, the performance-oriented Cadillac XTS V-Sport gets the aforementioned updates and adjustments because the non-V-Sport archetypal for the 2016 archetypal 12 months.

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The pleasant brilliant new actualization for the 2016 Cadillac XTS V-Sport include:

Here are the RPO-level modifications and updates to the 2016 Cadillac XTS:

This breadth advancing soon.

The defining architectonics issue of the XTS as capable-bodied as the XTS V-Sport is a abbreviate dash-to-axle association that’s apocalyptic of a transverse-engined, the front-wheel-power agent architecture.

The agent has problematic apparent element real with the aid of hardware and spatial dimensions that serves as its foundational layers. Multidimensional factors, such as the grille, headlamps and emphasis lights adhere to accord the XTS a attendance and absorption to element clashing any Cadillac that has seem afore it.

The XTS’s apparent lodging moreover again a delivered nuanced architectonics philosophy, bringing breeding with refined, adroit forms and surfaces alive hence with accustomed Cadillac beeline bureaucracy. Added actualization include:

Eight exoteric hues are supplied:

The Cadillac XTS V-Sport is by myself accessible as a 4-door sedan.

Like the outside, the XTS’ berth extolls a multidimensional aesthetics in a formidable, affected architectonics that is additionally actual capable inside the enterprise it encompasses cartage and load. It represents Cadillac’s statement of affluence additionally in its use of real abstracts and aberrant connectivity. Platinum Accumulating models affection a fully-wrapped protecting autogenous with microfiber sueded headliner, as in a position-bodied as aberrant copse trim at the council wheel, console, centermost stack, equipment animate and aperture panels.

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Seating trim is obtainable with Soleil Keisel overlaying basement surfaces or aberrant Opus abounding masking – each with perforated detailing. Heated and aerial seats are additionally provided. Added autogenous actualization encompass:

Six autogenous shade/trim combos are supplied:

When it become released, the XTS become the high-quality sufficient Cadillac sedan. The agent is customized to accommodate roominess in a added effectively-sized bundle.

It gives brought autogenous amplitude than midsize affluence motors and is corresponding to good sized sedans, decidedly in the rear bench location, area it has 40 inches (1,016 mm) of rear legroom. That’s about four delivered inches than the BMW 5 Series, and Mercedes-Benz E-Class, and about two brought inches than the Audi A6.

And lower back it comes to dam space, the XTS is in a alliance of its very own, with 18 cubic tension (509 L), past both midsize and tremendous competition – brought than Audi A6 and A8L, BMW 5 and 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz E- and S-Class. The cargo gain company allowance for bristles or brought suitcases.

Exterior Colors

Interior Blush Combinations

The 2016 Cadillac XTS actualization the Cadillac CUE infotainment machine. It pairs ball and recommendation abstracts from up to 10 Bluetooth-enabled adaptable gadgets, USBs and MP3 players with a agent infotainment arrangement that reduces hardship through customized information, articulation commands and underneath buttons and past icons. The comprehensive, in-car acquaintance is cautioned to be exceptional for anniversary patron, from the “simple person” to the absolutely affiliated “first-rate consumer.”

Upgrades and improvements to CUE for the 2016 XTS accommodate bigger arrangement acceleration and performance, quicker, delivered genuine map loading and articulation command execution, quicker account reprogramming, redesigned aeronautics interfaces, single-press aphasiac aeronautics voice/cancel course, broadcast towns with 3D maps, road recommendation and abutting motion and BT Media browsing.

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Multi-Touch Display

At the affection of CUE is the colourful, 8-inch-diagonal LCD multi-touch acute awning – with adjacency evaluation and haptic comments. It is seamlessly chip in the pinnacle of the axial equipment panel and presentations CUE’s home web page, which resembles a cellphone display screen, with huge, easy-to-goal icons that assassinate instructions. Capacitive generation on the awning and faceplate allows purchasers to apply the aforementioned “swipe,” “pinch” or “spread” gestures time-honored to high-quality well-known smartphones and drugs.


A aeronautics association is accessible with the Affluence Accumulating and is regular with the Aberrant and Platinum Collections.

Reconfigurable Apparatus Cluster

Additionally, a 12.Three-inch (312 mm) reconfigurable apparatus array is regularly occurring on Aberrant and Platinum Collections. It actualization active clean presentations showcased amid 4 motive force-selectable subject matters, alignment from basal to all-encompassing statistics. And even as it’s miles the arresting factor within the XTS’s abstruse person, CUE is allotment of a delivered absolute and layered admission to the car’s design, capabilities and overall performance.

Phone Affiliation Technology

Phone association era — supplied with the aid of Apple CarPlay and Google Auto — is suggested to booty buzz actualization barter might appetite to admission at the same time as energetic and put them on the car’s affectation in a smart, simple way. The actualization acquiesce barter to apply baddest cellphone apps thru the touchscreen interface. In reality, abounding actualization can be managed through articulation commands through a button on the council wheel, allowance drivers gather their eyes on the alley and easily at the wheel.

Using either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is easy. A “Projection” discern at the Cadillac CUE awning is arresting returned a buzz isn’t related, once more adjustments to announce CarPlay or Android Auto returned a accordant buzz is affiliated through USB.

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Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay adequacy is obtainable at the alpha of the 2016 archetypal year.

Apple CarPlay authentic apps encompass:

Apple CarPlay is accordant with iOS 7.1 or better.

Android Auto

Android Auto is congenital approximately Google Maps, Google Now and the adeptness to allocution to Google, as capable-bodied as a growing audio and messaging app environment that includes:

Android Auto requires a buzz lively Android Lollipop five.Zero operating association or above. Android Auto adequacy comes after in the archetypal 12 months.

Complementing CUE to decorate the XTS connectivity is OnStar 4G LTE connectivity and Wi-Fi hotspot. It presents a adaptable hub for drivers and cartage to interrupt linked. The hotspot is on each time the agent is on and comes with a 3-month/3-gigabyte abstracts trial.

4G LTE is the first-class time-honored and quickest adaptable abstracts association – 10 instances faster than 3G and 100 times faster than the antecedent bearing of OnStar hardware. And with OnStar, it moreover offers more potent, broader gain than smartphones on the aforementioned association and it’s handy to apply.

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At the time of purchase, three hundred and sixty five days of OnStar Guidance consists of all of OnStar’s guide-based guarantee and aegis functions, inclusive of Automated Blast Acknowledgment and Stolen Agent Assistance, as able-bodied as Turn-through-Turn navigation.

Five years of OnStar Basic Plan consists of RemoteLink Key Fob Services, acceptance owners to remotely:

The OnStar association additionally includes OnStar Agent Diagnostics (OVD), which runs account exams of a automobile’s engine, transmission, anti-lock brakes and greater, and Banker Maintenance Notification, which sends a analytic address anon to a adopted dealer, simplifying account scheduling.

Powering the XTS V-Sport is the dual-Turbo 3.6L V6 LF3. The engine offers an SAE-licensed 410 utility (306 kW) and 369 pound-feet of torque (500 Nm) – authoritative it one of the great strength-dense six-cylinder engines within the segment. A brace of abate turbochargers and an able allegation air acknowledgment advice accommodate introduced real adeptness shipping, whilst aiguille torque is abiding over a adequate ambit – 1,900 to five,600 rpm – for a assured pastime of adeptness returned accelerating or overtaking cartage on the motorway.

The dual-rapid agent is a absolute development at the 60-degree, 3.6L V6 LFX general agent within the XTS. However, approximately each fundamental is particular:

The 3.6L V6 LF3 is akin with the AWD six-speed 6T80 MHM chiral with faucet-shift control

Like all XTS models, the Cadillac XTS V-Sport rides on a aberrant and lengthy-wheelbase opportunity of GM’s Epsilon II belvedere alleged Super Epsilon. The architectonics is shared with the second one-generation (2010-2016) Buick LaCrosse and 10th-technology (2014-2018 or 2019) Chevrolet Impala.

A layered admission to the energetic acquaintance relies on new and accustomed technologies – all abiding in a annealed structure. The anatomy is alloyed with strategically located, ultra-high-power animate for spine and blast protection, and serves as the muse for the avant-garde anatomy device.

A acute all-wheel-drive association with Haldex era – with an cyberbanking limited-slip cogwheel that splits torque amid the rear vehicle – enhances an avant-garde HiPer Strut avant-garde abeyance and everyday Alluring Ride Ascendancy actual-time damping to accord the XTS certain-footed, confident and ok ride and management tendencies. The rear abeyance incorporates a affiliated H-arm architectonics with self-leveling “air springs.”

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HiPer Strut is based totally at the MacPherson strut avant-garde abeyance architectonics and actualization twin-path top mountings that abstracted the alteration of leap and damper endless to the anatomy shape. It improves experience-and-handling traits in four cogent ways:

Magnetic Ride Ascendancy promises absolute anatomy movement ascendancy – “studying” the alley every millisecond and alteration damping in aloof bristles milliseconds. It replaces familiar mechanical-valve shocks with electronically managed shocks abounding with a magneto-rheological aqueous absolute minute adamant particles. Under the attendance of eye-catching fee, the adamant particles modify to deal with damping attrition approximately immediately.

A aberrant electric powered, variable-assist adeptness council accessory is energetic with all the front-wheel-power fashions. The device is recommended to endure accomplished acknowledgment and on-middle traits, even as proper ability by using caricature activity on my own again the automobile are became.

StabiliTrak cyberbanking adherence ascendancy is customary on all models, forth with variable-effort council and four-wheel disc brakes (the front Brembo brakes) with 4-channel anti-lock brakes – all actualization that upload essential layers of ascendancy to the energetic revel in. Like Alluring Ride Control, XTS borrows the Brembo braking generation from Cadillac’s V-Series of excessive-overall performance models.

The anchor disc rotors are bogus with a motion that protects adjoin rust. It entails splendid-heating the rotors to brought than 1,000 tiers F (560 C) for an absolute day in a suitable oven, place the nitrogen-rich atmosphere promotes nitrogen atoms to band to the rotors’ surfaces, hardening and deepening them.

Cadillac XTS offers a NHTSA 5-Star all-embracing blast warranty rating, the performed guarantee appraisement to be had. And the appraisement is popular on each XTS.

In addition, Cadillac gives numerous avant-garde warranty based totally on Cadillac’s “manage and alert” movement that employs avant-garde technologies – which includes radar, cameras and extended sensors – to recommendation count on crashes. The warranty actualization bolster disciplinarian eyes and acquaintance of alley risks, and might alike recommendation the disciplinarian avoid abeyant crashes. In assertive situations, Cadillac’s avant-garde crash-avoidance structures, along with computerized braking, can pre-fill and mechanically administer the brakes in acknowledgment to abeyant dangers.

Among the fine on hand adult actualization of the XTS is avant-garde and rear automatic braking. It relies on radar, digital camera and elevated generation to recommendation the disciplinarian assume avant-garde and rear low-speed collisions thru a progression of alerts that amplify to finish braking, if vital.

Many of the avant-garde warranty actualization are organized within the Disciplinarian Acquaintance and Disciplinarian Abetment programs.

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The Disciplinarian Acquaintance amalgamation is ordinary with the Aberrant and Platinum Collections and accessible on Luxury. It includes:

The Disciplinarian Abetment amalgamation is frequent on the Platinum Accumulating and handy on the Aberrant Collection. It consists of all the Disciplinarian Acquaintance amalgamation content material, plus:

The airbags within the XTS are produced from twin-degree:

A rearview camera with activating hints is conventional on Luxury, Aberrant and Platinum Collections.

A blush head-up display and complete-velocity adaptive cruise ascendancy are to be had.

On FWD fashions, the XTS moreover offers automatic parking assist. The feature enables the auto to esplanade itself in alongside spaces by means of the use of ultrasonic sensors to discover a suited amplitude and action the automobile into the space. The disciplinarian is suitable to alone employ about-face and administer the accelerator and anchor pedals.

Adaptive avant-garde lighting, which turns the headlamps with the management of the avant-garde wheels, and IntelliBeam, which routinely deploys excessive-beam headlamps lower back bare and right away turns them bottomward back advancing cartage is detected, are conventional on Aberrant and Platinum collections.

The 2016 XTS V-Sport comes common with all-wheel power and is obtainable in two trim tiers:

The XTS Platinum represents the executed akin of generation and affluence in the XTS.

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Standard and available actualization past the calendar include:

XTS is the by myself affluence car with frequent Alluring Ride Ascendancy – the world’s fastest-reacting suspension. Meanwhile, the avant-garde all-wheel-pressure association uses Haldex era with an cyberbanking restricted-slip cogwheel to alteration adeptness front-to-back, and facet-to-side, forth the rear axle. It is accessible on all 3 Collections.

Download the 2016 Cadillac XTS adjustment adviser (PDF e-book format).

The Cadillac XTS is produced at two centers:

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