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Let’s evaluation a number of the elements that examine a champ aback it comes to the Subaru Ascent vs Toyota Highlander.

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Since it started out production, the Toyota Highlander has been one of the great regular SUVs in its magnificence. Good performance, carried out ammunition economic system, and accurate believability accomplish it an reachable satisfactory for abounding drivers. Alike the addition of a new three-row crossover from Volkswagen has no longer apoplectic the recognition of the Toyota Highlander, with income accretion decidedly as time is going on.

A new midsize crossover SUV in the marketplace, the 2019 Subaru Ascent, gives some abutting antagonism for the Toyota Highlander. The Ascent follows Subaru’s aftermost midsize SUV, the bootless B9 Tribeca, and improves abundantly aloft the Tribeca’s length, fashion, and achievement in adjustment to attempt with the Highlander as one of the pinnacle SUVs at the bazaar today according to Consumer Reports. The Toyota Highlander continues to be activity strong, affairs approximately 216,000 Highlanders in 2017 and earning a third-location baronial in sales for midsize SUVs, Business Insider reports.

Among the abounding similarities amid the Subaru Ascent and the Toyota Highlander, each receive a motion account anatomy look and an automated transmission. The Ascent uses a continuously capricious chiral with a chiral mode, even as the Highlander has a six-speed computerized chiral with chiral mode. The Subaru Ascent and the Toyota Highlander both seem usual with bolt brazier seats, financial institution seats inside the brought row, pass-through rear seats, and introduced bench options.

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If you are planning to use your midsize SUV for towing, the Ascent and the Highlander seem with a bivouac block receiver. The Highlander has a sufficient towing lodging of 1500 pounds, however the Ascent offers alike added trailering backbone with a first-class lodging of 2000 pounds. The Ascent additionally has a capability liftgate and bifold exhausts at the aback of the automobile.

Prices for the Subaru Ascent ambit from a beginning quantity of $31,995 with trim alternatives and upgrades that may quantity up to $forty four,695, in step with US News. The Toyota Highlander has a commensurable starting quantity as much as the mid-$30,000s, giving the cartage a commensurable admission quantity along their agnate specs.

The Toyota Highlander is available in a few altered engines, with a few assuming larger than others. Its common trim comes with front-wheel drive and a Regular Unleaded inline-four butt engine. However, achievement improves decidedly aback you baddest the V-6 or V-6 amalgam agent alternative, consistent with Kelley Blue Book.

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By contrast, the Ascent comes with all-wheel drive, a Turbo Regular Unleaded H-4 butt engine, and the brought advantage of turbocharge. The Highlander’s 2.7 L/163 displacement, 185 horsepower, and 814 lb-feet of torque at 4200 rpm offers rarely introduced bang than the Ascent’s 2.4L/146 displacement, 260 horsepower, and 277 lb-toes of torque at 2000 rpm. At 38 inches, the Ascent’s axis bore is hardly ever abate than the 38.7-inch analogue of the Toyota Highlander.

The basal alfresco ambit of the Highlander are:

The Ascent is hardly large, with the afterward dimensions:

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With a commuter accommodation of eight human beings, the Highlander’s autogenous has the afterward specifications:

The Ascent moreover has an eight-passenger accommodation and hardly ever roomier dimensions:

The Subaru Ascent beats the Highlander in ammunition financial system, accepting 21 mpg within the burghal compared to the Highlander’s 20. The Ascent’s ammunition capacity improves its increase on the toll road, with an absorbing 27 mpg in opposition to the Highlander’s 24 mpg. The Highlander’s fuel catchbasin has a ammunition accommodation of 19.2 gallons, aloof infrequently bog down than the Ascent’s 19.3-gallon tank.

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The Subaru Ascent appearance a archetypal berth with simple, appropriate appearance with perfect architecture look like ergonomic seating, a well-designed centermost console, and 19 cup holders for the duration of the automobile. As JK Subaru credibility out, the Ascent’s brought breadth in comparison to the Subaru affords added ok basement and added legroom for passengers. Its smooth, chaste contour looks agnate to added crossovers at the same time as accumulation structure factors from archetypal Subaru factors like the Forester and the Outback.

The Highlander has a fundamental, unimpressive exoteric that emphasizes account over fashion. However, the autogenous includes terrific fabric, demanding layout, and considerable adroitness that offers a college of abundance and sophistication.

The Subaru Ascent has abounding advantages, consisting of ample burden areas, bland dealing with, ok legroom within the aboriginal two rows, and an soaking up array of perfect tech features. The Ascent’s capable abject trim gain and balanced, energetic administration accord to a a laugh, adventurous power. The affection of the autogenous and the appealing, glassy exoteric recommendation actualize a school of affluence and comfort. If you don’t apperception actuality certain to a four-cylinder engine, the Ascent gives a ok and reliable benefit for your abutting SUV.

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On the introduced hand, the Ascent’s 0.33 row has awkward seats with certain legroom, and some agnate SUVs be given an upgraded, affluence autogenous in contrast. The Subaru Ascent does no longer action a amalgam option, and drivers alone accept one advantage for the engine.

The Toyota Highlander’s 4-cylinder abject agent is sort of susceptible, and its abeyance reasons boundless anatomy cycle aback active about corners. Compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is missing from the Highlander, alike admitting these look are counseled typical in abounding avant-garde automobiles. But, its soaking up V-6 agent improve, luxe indoors, and all-encompassing assurance look accomplish the Highlander a in a position adversary for all and sundry attractive to get an SUV crossover.


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