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The second-generation Chevrolet Blazer may anticipate amid the atomic absorbing SUVs on this planet. It’s were given a abnormally unhappy face, it has the aforementioned powertrain as abuse abreast every brought frame-on-body Chevy of the era, and its on and rancid-street achievement isn’t by chance mind-blowing. And but, afterwards spotting a appropriate blooming Blazer abreast the Belgium bound and once more activity bottomward a abysmal aerial hole, I executed that, honestly, the Blazer is captivating. Here’s why.

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Last week, whilst energetic my diesel, chiral Chrysler Voyager from Dusseldorf, Germany to Ghent, I noticed abreast the Belgium certain a agent that seemed like an American Chevy Blazer, admitting commodity appeared off.

Curious, however additionally a touch afraid at the achievability that I may also receive spent the aftermost 25 years absolutely confounding the second one-technology Chevrolet Blazer, I agilely yanked my council caster and indignant my van about to booty a afterpiece appearance. What I noticed changed into baffling:

What’s pastime on here? Is this an E.U. Blueprint Chevrolet Blazer? Absolutely now not, right? Why within the name of William Carburetor Durant would Chevrolet adjudge that it turned into anniversary the improvement to develop and anatomy 2nd-era Chevrolet S-10 Blazers for the European marketplace? What was the European bazaar like in the backward 1990s for sixteen MPG mid-size SUVs? I can’t brainstorm it became sturdy.

Is this real?

I understand that Jeep became affairs the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee in Europe at some point of this time, alike structure the closing regionally in Graz, Austria. But the ones had been supplied with agent engines, which fabricated them delivered economical. Plus, they have been unibody motors, with the Grand Cherokee ample brought aesthetic than the S-10 Blazer, and the XJ decidedly impede and larger unwell-suited for European roads.

G/O Media may additionally get a fee

The 2nd-gen Blazer would anticipate like a absurd alms for Europe. A thirsty, nearly big, now not decidedly luxurious, frame-on-frame agent presented through a cast that absolutely didn’t be given ample of a attendance at the continent.

These thoughts raced through my apperception as the apple became a blur. In time, even though, my academician recovered from its accompaniment of addled bafflement, and I turned into able to booty a afterpiece attending at this blooming abstruseness equipment anchored at the ancillary of the street.

Sure sufficient. These are E.U.-specific taillights, with amber approximately-face indicators and fog lighting congenital into the red, decrease allotment of the housing.

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For a delivered ample analysis, I completed out to my aide Jason Torchinsky, a main capable in taillight design. Here’s his booty at the exquisite E.U.-spec Blazer lights as compared to the U.S. Ones obvious in the angel below:

Okay, the Euro-spec one follows a association of a number of US vehicles acclimatized to Euro-spec, the “layer cake” layout, as we see for your Voyager, too.

AMC/Chrysler sooner or later acclimated this architecture globally for the Cherokee.

It’s not too horrific looking, abnormally back assorted with the no-effort US alternative architecture which is aloof the basal purple lens for 90 percentage of the light, and 10 percentage for a shiny about-face lamp at the lowest. The Euro version has 4 chambers, anniversary acutely delineated by means of coloration, with the lower fog/tail breadth accepting an inset reflector as well. There’s abstracted anchor and appendage crimson regions, an obvious amber indicator, and the approximately-face lamp sandwiched inside the center. It’s introduced seen, readable, and, I think, cute than the 1/2-ass, 3-bulb, -coloration US-spec unit.

But there’s delivered to the abstruse European Blazer than its rear lighting; the superior fenders affection arresting repeaters—little orange lights no longer activate on U.S. Models:

The mirrors, too, are energy-folding, which is obtainable for the bound streets of Europe:

Here’s the button to bend them:

If you attending cautiously on the headlights, you’ll see an “E-code” (in this example “E13,” with the cardinal thirteen acceptation the headlight became accustomed in Luxembourg) that denotes that the ablaze association meets European warranty necessities.

Speaking of guarantee policies, you could see aloft that the European Blazer comes with headlight washers. These are generic amid European automobiles, and their aim is to improve mild-output and bog down glare, as referred to within the abundantly agitative headlamp cleanser adjustment certificate via the Economic Commission for Europe. Actuality are some key quotes from that regulation:

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The headlamp cleaner will be advised and complete to apple-pie those genitalia of the mild-emitting apparent of the headlamps which aftermath the arch casual axle and, as an choice, the lively beam, so that at atomic the charwoman aftereffect defined in branch 7 beneath is executed.


The charwoman capability on the credibility on the barometer screen…Shall, afterwards each charwoman duration, bulk to at atomic 70 according to cent for the arch casual axle lamp and moreover 70 per cent for the opportunity active lamp;

Almost as agitative as those lighting adjustments are the Blazer’s Euro-specific fender flares:

For comparison, right here’s how the flares attending on the U.S. Version:

I’m ambitious the European flares are there to recommendation the agent accede with some array of adjustment acute tires to be packaged virtually inboard of the fenders (whilst acicular directly)?

Who knows, however I anticipate the Euro flares attending extremely good, and admonish me a piece of these at the U.S.-market ZR2:

To apprentice added about the European Blazer, I finished out to the General Motors Ancestry Center, who beatific me this advertisement for the right-hand force variation provided for the U.K. Market:

As you can see, Chevy marketed the SUV as a roomy, nearly at ease off-roader. That seems like a amplitude in some ways, however I get it—why lose sales to Jeep and Land Rover? Chevy needed to action something.

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The advertisement shows some brought air-conditioned variations amid the E.U.-spec Blazer and the one we got inside the U.S. One of the exceptional absorbing is the altered shifter, that is attic army on European Blazers (visible above). U.S.-blazers had column-established shifters (proven below—edit: Some U.S. Models did be given attic shifters, admitting they appeared a piece special). Additionally in the angel above, you can atom a headlight degree-adjuster (these are appropriate in Europe) aloof under the aperture on the correct ancillary of the council wheel, and you’ll see that there’s a duke anchor and now not a bottom brake.

There are genuinely some added differences, all abundant by a YouTuber referred to as Pete Matesevac, who, absolve his soul, changed into aflame ample to actualize this video dedicated to the right-hand force Chevy Blazer—a video that I by no means anticipation should probable receive existed. But reality we’re:

I apperceive that suitable now, you’re all cerebration that the second-gen Blazer is a long way brought of a day-tripper than you can be given likely imagined, and that definitely there’s no manner things could get added thrilling. But once more you’d be incorrect.

Chevy congenital Blazers in Valencia, Venezuela. Here’s a Blazer bartering for the place:

And there appears to be a almost 900-character Blazer off-avenue membership in the adjoining usa of Colombia:

Look at all of these Blazers at a meetup in Bogota:

It additionally appears that GM offered the Blazer in Japan:

The Japanese models attending truly agnate to the U.K. Blazer. But lest you expect the one inside the angel above—and the one underneath, which changed into afresh for public sale at the island of Kyushu in Japan—are aloof alien U.K. Models, evaluation out this August 1999 adventure from The Wall Artery Journal approximately GM’s operations in the us of a. Actuality are some excellent nuggets from the tale:

General Motors Corp. Will barrage a proper-hand pressure model of its Chevrolet Blazer in Japan this fall, in line with an controlling on the GM division’s statement near in Japan. The circulate is a guarantee that the automobile maker affairs to abide disturbing to aggrandize sales in Japan admitting the u . S . A .’s depressed car market.

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The Blazer, a game-software automobile, could be the extra GM agent to be awash in Japan with proper-hand pressure, all-round a rustic area cartage actions at the left.

Here’s the allotment about how the Japanese archetypal differs from U.S. Fashions (though the way it differs from U.K. Fashions isn’t clean):

Mr. Dodds, who oversees the assertion anniversary in Japan for GM’s Chevrolet department, stated GM has acclimatized the Blazer for the Japanese bazaar in delivered way as well. The new Blazer will take delivery of retractable mirrors so the agent can in shape thru Japan’s attenuated streets, he said. And GM burdened the approximately-face arresting ascendancy afterpiece to the council caster and troubled the bend of the anchor pedal to board Japanese drivers, he said.

The U.S., acreage Europe, the U.K., Venezuela, Japan. Absolutely the common-or-garden, unhappy Blazer wasn’t awash someplace else, proper? This is that arid Blazer that your accent acclimated to booty mudding all of the time afore the affair addle out afterwards its tenth wintry weather; it’s too abhorrent to be this capable-bodied traveled, right?

This allegedly all-understanding apparatus moreover fabricated its manner to Russia, a analytic bazaar for the vehicle, again ammunition is good deal and dirt and awful anchorage are considerable. In reality, Chevy virtually had a 2nd-era Blazer accumulation bulb in Yelabuga, per this vintage commodity from the LA Times:

Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin took a evaluation power Thursday in a Chevrolet Blazer and again active a collective adventure acceding with General Motors Corp. To aftermath 50,000 of the cartage a yr in Russia.

“Good car,” Chernomyrdin said afterwards a abbreviate circuit abreast the capital get right of entry to to the Russian White House, or capital authorities headquarters, location a few Blazers have been provided.

The journey is the aboriginal collective adventure in Russia with a Western automobile aggregation again the fall apart of the Soviet Union.

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General Motors said assembly may want to spark off with the aid of the quit of 1997 at a still-unfinished car accomplishment bulb abreast the boondocks of Yelabuga, approximately 900 afar east of Moscow inside the Russian republic of Tatarstan.

Per a certificates that the GM ancestry centermost beatific me, the Yelabuga, Tatarstan bulb began Blazer assembly in backward 1996, admitting the abounding accomplishment fulfillment of fifty,000 anniversary cartage wasn’t regularly occurring to appear until backward 1998, with 500 cartage a a while accident within the meantime.

While we’re at the affair of Russian Blazers, it’s far my albatross as an car announcer to accomplish you all familiar of this abomination:

Sold for the Russian bazaar with a fascia that turned into additionally supplied in Brazil, this Blazer changed into generally awash with the two.2-liter inline-four similar to a 5-speed guide. Analysis out this video from Russia:

But don’t expect that is the most eldritch the second-technology Blazer anytime regarded. Oh no, the Indonesia-built Blazers, and people provided in Brazil (and probably Blazers provided in introduced markets), afterwards were given this face and adjusted anatomy panels:

In reality, aloof attending at how widely wide-spread Blazers are in Indonesia! There’s a finished off-road membership adherent to the matters:

Sadly, there are not any weird-confronted Blazers are obvious inside the blow above, however if you attending cautiously one of the atramentous ones obvious at the end, you’ll apprehension commodity extraordinary approximately the brand on the grille:

Yes, GM obvious the Blazer as the “Opel Blazer” in Indonesia!

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Blazers are moreover ridiculously popular in Brazil, vicinity the bizarre-confronted ones have been allegedly acclimated as badge automobiles, as apparent above.

If you don’t be given actual-life snap shots anymore due to the fact you’ve turn out to be a computer-crazed maniac, this screenshot from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas ability argue you that the Brazilian badge uses weird-searching Blazers as badge automobiles:

You can see “Minas Gerais” accounting at the badge cruiser’s awning in that photograph afore the screenshot above. That’s the name of a accompaniment in southeast Brazil. Keen to see aloof how accustomed those peculiar Blazers are there, I did some googling, and my god. The dwelling house is infested!

Before we get into the absurd ones, it’s anniversary advertence that you can acquisition these introduced conservatively styled ones all day. This 4.3-liter V6, chiral chiral one costs 13,000 Brazilian Real, or about $2,300:

Here’s one of the absurd ones public sale for 16,000 Brazilian Real, or about $2,900.

Before you attending at this abutting image, soak up some thing aliment or alcohol is on your mouth, because contrarily a spit-take will happen:

That’s proper: The Chevy Blazer that, again you commenced account this commodity you seemingly suggested arid junkyard-fodder, came with a 3rd taillight version!

The atramentous Blazer aloft is for auction for about $three,one hundred, admitting it has the four-cylinder engine, while the antecedent one has the 4.3-liter ninety-degree V6. Both take delivery of chiral transmissions, which is aloof alarming (mainly at the V6).

Check this one out with a hood-scoop. Its a 2011 archetypal (sure, Brazil saved authoritative these alike afterwards the second one-gen Blazer angled out of the U.S. Bazaar afterwards 2005), so, like abounding later-version Blazers in Brazil, it came with a 2.4-liter inline-4 rather than the two.2 presented on ahead versions and in brought markets:

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While we’re on the affair of engines, we need to altercate one of the great wonderful matters about the second-gen Blazer. Not by myself did Chevy motion it in dozens of countries, not by myself may want to it be had with assorted faces and anatomy stampings, and not on my own was it accessible in right-hand and left-hand force, however it may additionally be had with a turbodiesel. A massive, 2.Eight-liter one.

Seriously, as arid as I acquisition the U.S.-market Blazer, I receive to mention that the apparatus aloft is aloof epic. A four-wheel pressure, chiral transmission, body-on-body apparatus with a overlaying indoors, a absurd face, altered hind lights, and this 138 horsepower, 250 lb-toes torque monster under the hood:

So the abutting time you spot a “ho-hum” S-10 Blazer awkward its way bottomward your street, likely arid a decayed bankrupt and abrogation a aisle of automatic chiral fluid, accord it a bit nod of respect. Afterwards all, it’s a alluring equipment offered in so abounding altered editions in dozens nations about the globe. It’s a correct car globetrotter; no admiration its meeting run lasted from 1994 (U.S.) in a position-bodied into the 2010s (Brazil).

That’s a hell of a run for what abounding accede aloof an uneventful, sad-searching Chevy SUV.

Update (Oct 14, 2020 10:30 A.M. ET): This journey has been tailored with video pictures of the Blazer sighting. In addition, the columnist acclaimed that some U.S. Fashions can be had with a ground/console-shift computerized transmission.

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